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In 2014 when I first visited Banyuwangi, I convinced myself that I would come again. Mount Ijen is one of the beauties that Banyuwangi has, which amazed me. However, it is regrettable that access and roads to reach tourist attractions were bumpy. In 2017, I crossed the ocean again between Bali and Banyuwangi, only 45 minutes away by ferry.

I see tourism in Banyuwangi is growing with support from the government and local residents who are discovering new places. Along with developing tourism potential in Banyuwangi, a beautiful new airport was also orchestrated by the famous architect Andra Matin. The government also supported this development and improved road access to tourist attractions.


Not only that, but adequate quality hotels were built to provide guests comfort, one of which is the existence of Hotel Dialoog Banyuwangi, which opened in 2018. Since last year I have wanted to visit Dialoog Hotel badly because the founder of Dialoog is also one of the founders of the Alila brand. I was excited about the existence of this 4-star hotel in Banyuwangi.

Dialoog Banyuwangi is truly a hidden gem, and I learned that one of the best investments a property has is the view itself. A property that combines nature, locality, and luxury will be perfect?Affordable Luxury at Dialoog, a true value that fits the property rightfully.

Access to Dialoog Banyuwangi can be by plane or train. The aircraft will land at Blimbingsari Airport and the train at Banyuwangi Station. From Blimbingsari Airport, it takes approximately 45-60 minutes to get to Dialoog. You can use an online Taxi or Hotel Transfer provided by Dialoog Banyuwangi with a fee.

The check-in process was swift, and my room was on the 5th floor with a Deluxe Ocean View room type. The room is located in the middle building; hence the view from the balcony faces the sea straight. The room area is 36 m2 with a separate shower room, toilet, and sink. Expansive glass doors also separate a spacious balcony. Guests can relax while looking at the beach view, either from the room or the balcony. The air conditioner will turn off automatically when the balcony sliding door is opened and turn on again when the door is closed.

The furniture is custom-designed with exposed wood and glass materials that remind me of Alila's room design. Part of the hotel area is a large lawn. To get to the swimming pool, which is located right in front of the beach, we will walk past coconut trees and beautiful plants, which add to the tropical feel. The best moment is during the sunset and sunrise because the view of the ocean is gorgeous complete with the silhouette of the island of Bali on the other side.

Your holiday in Dialoog is not complete if you haven't tried the Spa at Dialoog at an affordable price. The spa room has an outdoor shower room which I love! Before starting the massage, we were asked if the preferred massage level is medium or strong, be sure to fall asleep haha. In addition, for sports enthusiasts, there is also a Gym room with transparent glass walls looking at the courtyard.

Breakfast is served a la carte, with a choice of International or Indonesian menus at Casabanyu Restaurant. For visitors who are not hotel guests, you can have lunch and dinner at Casabanyu Restaurant, located right in front of the beach and next to the swimming pool. The menu varies from Indonesian, Banyuwangi, and International food.

Being at Dialoog Banyuwangi really feels like a "Home away from Home" with the friendly staff and comfort the hotel offers. The vibe is relaxing, and you'd only want to be lazy and do nothing in the hotel. At the same time, there are tons of beauty and attractions to explore in Banyuwangi.


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The development of Banyuwangi tourist destinations accompanies the existence of Dialoog. The location of Dialoog is quite strategic because it is in the middle of Banyuwangi tourist attractions. Dialoog also provides travel packages for guests who want to explore the beauty of Banyuwangi.

From Dialoog: 1 Hour to Mount Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is one of the destinations that make Banyuwangi significantly popular. Ijen Crater has a blue fire phenomenon which reportedly only 2 in the world, in Norway and Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi, Indonesia. The blue fire phenomenon can only be seen in the morning, around 3 to 4 am. Therefore, visitors usually start climbing at 2 in the morning because it takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours on foot to get to the ring of the Ijen crater.

The climbing track is uphill but not steep; for those not used to climbing, this path is bearable and not tricky. You'd need to be physically fit before starting the trip. The smoke from sulfur in the Ijen crater is more robust than most mountain craters, so it is advisable to bring a mask or scarf to cover your nose. The track down from the ring of the cave to the crater will be more slippery, so you are required to wear trekking shoes or sports shoes instead of sandals. Don't forget to wear warm clothes because it will be freezing when trekking in the morning.

Dialoog Private Trip to Mount Ijen - IDR 1,512,500 net for 2 persons.
If the trip is less than 2 persons, the same fee is applied. (Updated 2021).

From Dialoog: 1 hour to Baluran National Park

The vast savanna stretches, and the animals run wild in Baluran National Park, also known as "Africa van Java." This trip was not my first visit, as I had been here in 2014, and we took a long time to arrive at the national park as the road access was poor. But now, the road has improved, and the national park is well managed, which we could access easily without obstacles.

This time I went to Baluran in the afternoon, it turned out that the sunset in Baluran was stunning. Also, in the afternoon, the animals in Baluran will roam out, as we can see bison, deer, and monkeys gathering in the Bekol Savanna. We departed from the Dialoog Hotel at 14.30 and arrived precisely at 15.30 because, during the fasting month, the national park closed early at 15.30 for the visitor entry limit. To enter, you can use a car or motorbike.

Dialoog Private Trip to Baluran National Park - IDR 1,512,500 net for 2 persons.
If the trip is less than 2 persons, the same fee is applied. (Updated 2021).

From Dialoog : 1 hour to De Djawatan

De Djawatan is another tourist destination that went viral on social media. Entering the De Djawatan area is like being in the Lord of the Rings film setting. It looks and feels very mystical. To date, no one knows for sure how old the big trees in Djawatan are, but it is believed to be hundreds of years old because they have been around since the Dutch era.

In the past, the De Djawatan area was a timber stockpile that last operated in 1962; the tree species are Trembesi (Samanea Saman) and teak. I hope Djawatan will remain original as it is now without added artificial structures, such as the selfie spot standee, which I think is unnecessary and reduces the park's natural beauty.

From Dialoog : 10 minutes to Pendopo Banyuwangi

The Regent's house and office are not far from the Dialoog Hotel. The house serves to host state guests and use as a gathering place. There is a large pavilion in the middle of the building with large and luxurious chandeliers, which are usually used when there are events, such as dances or art festivals. Due to its attractive architecture, Pendopo Banyuwangi is now also open to the public. Guests can enter for free by filling out the guest book, and a guide will accompany them.

I agree that if an area wants to develop tourism, it must also be collaborated by the expansion and advancement of infrastructures and the residents' readiness to welcome tourists and visitors. I hope Banyuwangi will always be ready to develop.

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Article by Kadek Arini, click here to read the original post.