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Located on the shores of enchanting East Java, Dialoog Banyuwangi combines modern design with all the pleasures of a tropical retreat. Dine by the ocean, relax by the pool and indulge yourself in the sanctuary of the spa.
  • Ocean of Romance

    Sweep your significant other away on a romantic retreat in an Ocean Room offering unobstructed ocean views and a private balcony. Deepen your love and connection as you enjoy dining and spa experiences that complete this perfect escape for two.
  • Forest and Hidden Beach Adventure

    Tranquil gardens and beautiful views of the shimmering Bali Strait provide a picture-perfect setting for a relaxing beachfront vacation with your loved ones.
  • Extra Time to Unwind

    Arriving in Banyuwangi in the morning? With our early check-in package, you can settle into your room up to four hours earlier than usual and make use of that extra time to enjoy our facilities and start exploring the wonders of the destination. 

A Day at Tabuhan Island

Spend the day relaxing on white sandy beaches and go snorkeling or diving in the turquoise waters around Tabuhan Island, a paradise located between Java and Bali, surrounded by a backdrop of mountainous scenery.

Downhill Ride at Sunrise

Cycle through beautiful scenery as the sun begins to rise. Begin your ride at the village of Tamansari on the slopes of Ijen mountain.

Menjangan Island Escapade

Located in West Bali National Park, the magnificent Menjangan Island offers white sand beaches with sublime views over Bali and the volcanoes of Java.

Enchanted Forest & Hidden Beach

Step into the pages of your own fairy tale of Djawatan Benculuk Forest Park, whose rows of ancient trembesi trees have been likened to the Fangorn Forest in The Lord of The Rings.

Casabanyu Restaurant & Beach Bar

Set close to the beachfront, Casabanyu satisfies your culinary cravings with delicious offerings throughout the day. Savour the ocean view as you dine, and unwind with your favourite drink at the bar come day or night.


Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at Dialoog Banyuwangi. Choose from relaxing spa treatments, a swim in the infinity pool, a workout in the gym, or a walk on the beach lapped by the waves. Enjoy wellness your way.

Our Green Commitment

Dialoog Banyuwangi is committed to building more responsible and socially conscious tourism by raising awareness of the vital importance of green hospitality and sustainability. We've made efforts to save energy and resources, minimise waste and plastic usage, promote local culture and empower the local community integral to our resort to create a positive long-term impact on the planet and people.
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