A Province of Celebration

Banyuwangi Tourism has earmarked 36 festivals held throughout the year. From windsurfing and culinary traditions to a batik festival and concerts, there’s something to appeal to all visitors.

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The Eternal Flame of Ijen

Ijen volcano holds the world's largest acidic crater lake, Kawah Ijen, easily recognised for its resplendent turquoise color and fiery blue flames that burn through cracks in the ground.

Sacred Alas Purwo

The ancient forests of this national park are said to be where the earth first emerged from the ocean. Many seek spiritual enlightenment here during the month of Suro, part of the Javanese New Year.

Turtle Release at Sukamade Beach

Almost every day of the year turtles arrive at Sukamade Beach to lay their eggs on this pristine stretch of sand, part of the 50,000-hectare Meru Betiri National Park.