Fishing at Solong

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Banyuwangi regency has the longest coastal stretch in Java, flanked by the Bali Strait on the east and brushed by the Indian Ocean to the south. Fishermen’s villages are spread out along the coastline and contribute greatly to the fishing production for domestic and export consumption.

Be a fisherman for a day! Learn how to fish like the locals using simple traditional methods, and cook your fresh catch for dinner with our Chef’s personal assistance.

Package Includes

  1. Traditional sail boat (max capacity of 8 people)
  2. Life jackets
  3. English speaking guide
  4. Fishing equipment
  5. Mineral water and local snack
  6. Live cooking class and dinner package at Casabanyu


  1. Extra meals outside of the package
  2. Additional destination(s) during the trip


  1. Wear comfortable attire suitable for tropical weather.
  2. Wear shoes appropriate for water activities.
  3. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as humidity can be very high.

“Gajah Oling“
Batik Class

Banyuwangi has a unique batik motif known as “Gajah Oling“. Believed to be the oldest batik style in this area, it is a symbol of local heritage.