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City Heritage Tour

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Banyuwangi city is a place that can easily be explored by bike. Join us on a cycling tour of the city’s heritage and culture with a visit to the colonial-era town hall, the post office and a traditional local market. You’ll also visit the historical site where the first European settlers built an undersea telegraph line connecting between Banyuwangi city and Darwin in 1871. Then stop for a taste of homegrown Indonesian coffee at one of the best local coffee roasters in town.

This experience is also available as a WALKING tour.


  • 08.00 – After breakfast, you will start biking to Banyuwangi city center accompanied by a guide.
  • 08.30 – Arrive at Banyuwangi town hall and explore; it has been the mayor’s office since Dutch colonial days. 
  • 09.00 – Experience the liveliness of a traditional market.
  • 09.30 – Visit the historic building built by Englishmen in the 19th century while establishing a trade route between Europe and Australia. Known as “Inggrisan“ by locals, it is from here that the Europeans built an undersea telegraph line all the way to Darwin.
  • 10.00 – Visit one of the best coffee artisans in town to experience various Indonesian coffees.
  • 11.00 – Return to the hotel.

Package Includes

Bike rental, Guide, Mineral water, Coffee experience


Meals, Additional bottles of water, Sunscreen, Entrance ticket


  1. Wear comfortable shoes and attire suitable for tropical weather.
  2. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as humidity can be as high as 90% during the day.

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