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4-Wheel Drive Jungle Adventure in Alas Purwo

IDR 1,200,000 ++
“Alas Purwo“ means “first forest“ or “ancient forest“ in Javanese. According to local legend, this site is where the earth first emerged from the ocean. The national park offers an outstanding experience of pristine tropical lowland rainforests and mangrove, which are protected by both law and traditional Javanese mysticism; followers believe that this is a holy place that has been a safe haven for spirits, ghosts and supernatural life for thousands of years. The locals usually visit the national park for prayer rituals and meditation. Alas Purwo is also well known for its incredible wildlife and a great surfing spot called G-Land.
Embark on a 4x4 jeep adventure into this magnificent jungle and be amazed by the sight of the endangered Javanese bull (Bos Javanicus), Green Pea Fowls (Pavo Muticus), and Indian Deer (Muntiacus muntjak) in its original habitat, savanna “Sadengan“. Do climb up to the observation tower for a great photo opportunity, and visit Pura Giri Salaka, an ancient Hindu temple.
This experience is also available as a BIKING tour.

Itinerary :

  • 07.00 – Depart on the 2-hour drive to Alas Purwo National Park from the hotel.
  • 09.00 – Arrive at Alas Purwo and enter the savanna to observe Javanese bulls.
  • 11.00 – Enjoy an outdoor picnic lunch on site.
  • 13.00 – Visit a centuries-old Hindu temple where pilgrims from around Indonesia come to make offerings to God.
  • 14.00 – Depart from Alas Purwo National Park
  • 16.30 – Arrive back at the hotel.

Package Inclusions :

  • Transportation to & from the hotel by jeep
  • Private guide
  • Picnic lunch
  • Mineral water

Recommendations :

For your comfort, please wear comfortable shoes and suitable attire for tropical weather and don't forget to stay hydrated at all times. Sunscreen and hats are recommended.

Additional Information :

Entrance ticket for Indonesian guests : IDR 5,000 (weekday & weekend)
Entrance ticket for international guests : IDR 150,000 (weekday & weekend)
Children under 4 enjoy free entrance to the park.
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