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From master planning to hotel management services, Dialoog harnesses a wealth of expertise and an advanced approach to hospitality to deliver profitable outcomes for its stakeholders.
The defining difference with Dialoog management, like its architecture and design, lies within its simplified, technology-driven approach that opts for small, efficient and talented teams that leverage labor-saving, backend digital support.

Technical Services

  • Market feasibility that looks at Indonesian, regional and global social trends
  • Conceptual master planning that is easily grasped and efficient
  • Design briefs and reviews with appointed architects / consultants
  • Accommodation schedules & critical paths
  • Financial projections
  • Recommendations for third-party consultants

Management Services

  • Comprehensive central sales and e-commerce systems
  • Advanced guest flow booking system
  • System integration for fast reporting and cost-effectiveness
  • Enterprise portal that is paperless as well as cloud-based
  • Single online booking platform
  • Budget forecast and reforecasts
  • Delivery of ongoing reports